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Strikes Property & Enforcement group

Do you need to trace a debtor? we can help!

We specialise in offering a comprehensive range of tracing services specifically designed for solicitors, landlords and their agents.

We locate debtors both domestically and internationally, delivering a rapid, legally compliant, and thorough people tracing service. This involves leveraging the latest address and financial data alongside skilled trace investigators.

We provide a fast, compliant, and in-depth people tracing service, combining investment in the most up-to-date address and financial data with experienced trace investigators.

Experts in Tracing both within the UK and Internationally

Strikes Trace Services leads the way in debtor locating, offering landlords swift and efficient solutions. Our tailored services are designed specifically for landlords, letting agents, law firms and their representatives, delivering effective results while minimising time, resources, and effort. By relying on us for tracing needs, landlords and businesses can redirect their focus to critical aspects of their operations, confident that their concerns will be addressed with speed.

As part of the Strikes Property & Enforcement Services Group, our trace team take pride in being part of a family-owned and operated business. We find fulfilment in assisting fellow landlords and businesses facing various challenges.

Reports within 48hr

Subscriptions Available

Volume Traces

Indepth Reporting

98% Success Rate

How to get started

Start by Purchasing your trace through our Paypal gateway and supplying us with the latest known information about your subject via our Instruction Form.

We initiate the process, ensuring a swift 2-day completion for comprehensive desktop address tracing.

Receive your detailed report, encompassing all pertinent data about your subject, such as CCJ and bankruptcy records, validated phone numbers, and email addresses whenever possible.

Client Testimonials

Read what our clients have to say about Strikes Property Solutions Group

Meet Our Expert Team

Meet the exceptional team at Strikes, where expertise meets commitment. Our professionals bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, ensuring that every challenge is met with skill and precision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our main clients are solicitors, letting agents, and landlords.

If you do not know a forwarding address, or need to find someone because they owe you money, then a trace is often required.

The more the better, but we would require at the very least, full name, and previous last known address

That would be giving away our secrets!

In most cases the results are within 48 hours. Some services may take longer though

If the trace result is ‘same as’ or unable to locate, we offer an additional 2 FOC re-traces within 12 months. We will also place them on our monitoring system

When we have located the subject

Call us, or fill out the form to instruct us as we regular trace people internationally.

Yes we do, and we offer discounts when instructing us to do both

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